About me

I've had a few gigs in my 30 something years: Audio Engineer, Radio Producer, Actor, Entreprenuer, Content Creator and YouTuber. Either I'm completely unemployable or (more truthfully) I welcome change.

I experiment with my life and share the results. I’m driven to continually improve and learn from my mistakes.

I’m an actor with terrible film recall. I love a surf as much as reading on the couch. I’m shy in person but love attention online. I value autonomy, freedom, health, mindfulness and Living Intentionally.

I believe we all have extraordinary potential but it’s our job to unlock it.

How did I become interested in this?

I quit my job 5 years ago after landing a role on the US Network TV series, Reign. It was my first time working overseas and I was excited about my new permanent, lucrative acting gig. Ha. The universe did its thing and the series didn't get renewed. So after the highest of highs I was hitting rock bottom with growing anxiety and diminishing savings.  I realised that to continue with acting, I needed to take stock and make changes.

Mindfulness helped me become self-aware. I worked on my limiting beliefs. I studied productivity and experienced the compounding effect of good habits.  I started designing a life I loved.

What can you expect from my content?

I'm here to help you become your potential.

So many people get stuck in bad habits, jobs they don't like or toxic relationships because they think its just "adult-ing". People live life on auto-pilot.

I believe in Intentional Living; a framework which helps you live allignment with your values and take steps towards your potential.  

I'm driven to share content that's actually helpful. Little wins, ideas and motivation to make changes of your own.

Feel free to slide into my DMs on Instagram or Twitter. You can also check out my latest video on YouTube. I love hearing from you and will do my best to reply!

Let’s design a life we love. Thanks for subscribing. ✌🏽