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Where’s your ‘conveyor belt’ taking you?

Where’s your ‘conveyor belt’ taking you?

I’m reading a terrific book at the moment; Alter Ego Effect by Todd Herman. The book revolves around the notion that we all have a heroic self (aka our best self) that we know exists but hide because of internal and external factors.

This is the self that dreams of becoming an artist, a stand-up comedian or even a children’s teacher. The thing that lights you up the most and gives you energy. Your purpose.

Todd goes on to discuss that there is a ‘conveyor belt’ pulling you towards the Extraordinary World where your Heroic Self can flourish. This being the gallery, the comedy club or the classroom in the above example. Motivation is the x-factor we need to draw us into our Extraordinary World and the best source of motivation is drawing on emotion.

Using this analogy, I believe we all have a conveyor belt. Some of ours are faster than others and some of us don’t feel like they’re moving at all. But after reading this, I know exactly where my conveyor belt is taking me. I’ve known my whole life. It’s now up to me to use emotion and take the weight off my belt (distractions, fear, lack of deservedness or expectation) so that it can draw me into my Extraordinary World as quickly as possible. I’m excited. And I clearly recommend this book.

Do you believe there’s a ‘conveyor belt’ taking you towards what you should be doing? Or maybe it’s there, but you’re finding it hard to get it moving. Or maybe that made zero sense to you at all… it’s late here.

I’d love to hear your thoughts below.

Here's a link to buy Alter Ego, by Todd Herman.