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That Sat'dy feeling.

That Sat'dy feeling.

Hey guys, hope you had a fantastic week.

Go grab a coffee, this weeks blog is juicy...

Learn How To Design Your Dream Existence

On my end...

You might have seen on my Insta stories that I've moved from the Gold Coast to Sydney. I lived in Sydney for most of my 20's so I'm getting smacked with wonderful memories around every corner.

The main reason I moved? I no longer felt like I was being expanded on the GC. And I've identified personal growth as one of the key factors to look for when deciding where to live.  After the delta-strain apocalypse, I'm so excited for the connections, opportunities and experiences this city delivers.

Apologies for the YouTube hiatus - I'm going to get back into the groove next week. The next episode will be about why I moved - there will be some stuff in there which I think we can all relate to!

I hope everyone is kicking goals in their corner of the world! I'll see you over on Instagram or feel free to reach out on Twitter.

Have a great one!