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Happy Weekend!

Happy Weekend!

I hope your week was kind, friends!

Welcome to the legendary new subscribers. I hope you can find some value in these pages and feel free to reach out on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. I love hearing from you and will do my best to reply!

As always, grab yourself a strong coffee (I've gone for a long black with a dash of oat) and take a sip of this weeks blog:

The Secret To Making Better Decisions.

What else has been happening?

I've been chipping away at Happy, by Derren Brown. It's a great lockdown read!

In the book he quotes Epicurus, an ancient Greek Philosopher:

'Everything we need is easy to procure, while the things we desire but don't need are far more diffuclt to obtain'.

So true brother. And going to the cinema, having a Schnitty at the pub or a houseparty might be diffuclt to obtain at the moment, but everything we actually need is "easy to procure".

This has helped me shape the stories I'm telling myself during lockdown.  

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There's a stoic principle that:

'If you are apained by external things, it is not they that disturb you, but your own judgement of them. And it is in your power to wipe out that judgement now'.

We walk through our day making little judgements and then react to those judgements. We work ourselves up and work ourselves down. Two people can have a completely contrasting reaction to the same experience and that's been highlighted during the pandemic.

If you're feeling flat at the moment, like so many of us are, remember that it's in your power to change your judgement of the day. Even at the moment, everything we truly need is easy to procure. So let's take the wins, make the most of it and write a great story.

Have a great weekend,


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