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Just share something. ANYTHING.

What to share when you can't think of anything to share.
Just share something. ANYTHING.

There’s a little yellow book called Show Your Work! It's packed full of quotable wisdom.

One nugget of gold is Austin Kleon's idea of doing a "Daily Dispatch".

He recommends sharing part of your process everyday to invite your audience behind the scenes.  Something like quickly sharing your MacBook screen with a dumb caption like “coffee and writing” (guilty as charged). Because as Brene Brown puts it:

“In order for connection to happen, we have to allow ourselves to be seen - really seen”

If your work is top secret or not ready for the world, another way people can get to know you is by sharing people, places and things you love. It sounds simple but sharing what inspires us says lots about who we are.

Form doesn’t matter - it could be a YouTube clip, a podcast, a quote - just get into the habit of sharing what makes you tick.

A wonderful side-benefit of this process is that it reinforces your knowledge of the thing you're working on. Or as Joseph Joubert puts, it :

“to teach is to learn”

And that's kinda what happened to me this week  I wanted to make a video encouraging people to build their online brand and shared 3 objectives I try and hit with all of my content. In the process I learnt more about my social media strategy and more about myself (this is one of the reasons I'm loving YouTube).

Have a great weekend!