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This helped me get out of my lockdown funk.

Lockdown funk you up.
This helped me get out of my lockdown funk.

This week we went into lockdown and it rained a LOT. I spent most of my week inside without being able to exercise. I stopped meditating and screentime was at an all time high. I even started a Twitter war about The AstraZeneca vaccine (which I'm getting on Monday and will explain why next week). Things were dire.

I pride myself on getting out of funks and even made a video about it.  So I dived into my "toolbox" and ticked off things like movement, journalling and meditation - the stuff that makes me happy. It worked... for a bit. But I got to Friday and hadn't hit my targets for the week. My tools weren't working.

So I gave up and gave in to procrastination. I pulled out TikTok and made a stupid little voiceover clip. What happened next surprised me.

It turns out that putting together that clip, being silly and getting out my head for 5 minutes was exactly what I needed to feel better. Creating the video genuinely improved my mood and I went on to make 3 more. I was back baby.

Next time you're in a funk try creating something - analogue or digital. It doesn't need to be a Picasso and you don't even need to share it. The simple act of creating something turned my funk around. I'll definitely be adding that to the toolbox.