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Monday Morning Coffee ☕️

Froth your flatty, raise that standing desk and get inspired for the week to come.
Monday Morning Coffee ☕️

I hope you had an excellent weekend!

In Sydney, we had our first taste of FREEDOM. Outdoor gatherings are back and it was wonderful seeing humans have fun again.

Here's some content I've been loving to help kickstart your week.

Article: 15 Simple Rules for a Good Life.

Tweet: How To Get Rich (Without Getting Lucky).

Podcast: The Secret To A Good Nights Sleep.

Article: 15 Simple Rules for a Good Life

Sinem Günel might just be my new favourite Medium author. She delivers bite-sized gems that are insightful and inspiring.

This article had me nodding my head and coming back for more. Bookmark it for when you need a little pick me up.

15 Simple Rules for a Good Life
You already know what to do.

Tweet: How To Get Rich (Without Getting Lucky).

People say this is the best tweet thread of all time. Naval Ravikant is a philosopher, investor and Twitter guru.

The thread is all about building wealth in the tech-age. It's packed with value. And I often find myself coming back for another squiz while goal-setting.

Podcast: The Diary of a CEO: The Secret To A Good Nights Sleep with Stephanie Romiszewski

Sleep health is in fashion. And that's a wonderful thing.

This episode hits different because sleep expert Stephanie Romiszewski has a slightly alternative approach. She says that to sleep more we simply need to stop worrying about sleeping more.

For example, unlike other sleep experts who stress the importance of a night routine, Stephanie says that we should strip back that structure, minimise our expectation and only focus on waking up at the same time each day.

This approach is refreshing. And I've made it my intention to go with the flow this week, enjoy my evenings and sleep when I'm tired. Sounds simple enough?

Here's more of Stephanie's work:

Stephanie Romiszewski - Sleep Insomnia Expert UK
Sleepyhead Clinic’s adult sleep physiologist Stephanie Romiszewski for professional, scientific help and advice for insomnia and related sleep problems. Sleep Insomnia Expert UK.

You're going to have a great week.

I can feel it.

Thanks for sharing your Monday Morning Coffee with me and I look forward to the next one.

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Talk soon. Nick

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