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Monday Morning Coffee ☕️

4 Simple Ways To Achieve More Focus.
Monday Morning Coffee ☕️

I love Monday mornings. There's 5 days ahead of us to make our mark on the world.

Mondays are our chance to set the tone for the week, get ahead and get shit done. Monday is perfect day to hit reset and start that new habit.

This week, I've been researching productivity. It seems I'm in a forever quest to achieve more focused work.

I've learnt that relying on willpower to beat distractions is destined to fail. Especially when our smartphones are designed to steal our attention.

To beat distractions, we actually need to make it impossible to get distracted.

Here are 4 other tips to make focused work inevitable:

1) "Sacred Hours"

Dickie Bush goes off the grid for 2 hours everyday to do his most important work. He calls these his sacred hours.

First, you need to identify when you're most productive.

And then, defend those hours with your life. Become unreachable and distraction-less to get in the zone. My sacred hours are in the morning between 8-10am.

2) Design Your Environment

Make it comfy and remove distractions.

Firstly, experiment with posture, music and stimulants (coffee☕️🙋🏼‍♂️) to identify when you're most productive. I use my standing desk in the morning to stay alert and have been loving this playlist. It's upbeat and teleports me to a Bali beach club.

Next, ruthlessly remove all distractions. Put your phone in the other room and install an app blocker like heyfocus.

Carefully curate your working environment to tell your brain that it's time to work.

3) Set Constraints

Just like you wouldn't go to the gym without a basic plan, constraints are essential for productive work.

Try experimenting with Time, Topic, Platform, Schedule or Environment. For example, writing for 2 hours at your standup desk on 1 pre-determined topic for a blog post. Specificity is key.

Creativity requires constraint to flourish. Because with fewer decisions to make, there's less resistance between you and your desired output.

4) Progress Over Perfection

Give yourself permission to suck.

We get better through action. Trying, failing and trying again. So when you sit down, don't set an unrealistic expectation to create magic every time. Simply get the ball rolling. Trust the process and get better over time.

Thanks for sharing your Monday Morning Coffee with me! I hope you can carry some of these tips into your new week. If you enjoy the newsletter, do me a solid and use the Tweet icon below.

Have a great week and remember that amateurs get their dopamine from notifications. Professionals get it from achieving action.


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Sunset and a good book.