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Monday Morning Coffee (#1)

Grab your favourite cuppa and get ready for the week.
Monday Morning Coffee (#1)

Hello guys, hope everyone had a terrific weekend. I was lucky enough to score some waves here in Sydney which was a nice respite from lockdown life.

Welcome to the newly renovated Monday Morning Coffee, a place to share interesting stuff I've listened to, read and watched over the week.

My hope is that this newsletter becomes a source of inspiration of positive ways to spend our time. This is coming from someone who spent 2 hours of his Sunday doom-scrolling news sites and Twitter. So let's avoid that shall we and focus our attention on the useful parts of the internet. Let's rip in.

Listened To.

Podcasts are my jam.  I friggin' love when prolific artists pull back the curtain on their craft.  In no other medium will you hear such honest and detailed insight into what makes them tick. Mark Ronson on Armchair Expert goes into the weeds about making Valerie with Amy Winehouse plus a hundred other mind-blowing career moments. I felt like I was eavesdropping on Mark having a conversation with a mate. For music fans, this is a great listen.


I have an peculiar interest in social media copy. So much so that I made an app for Instagram captions (a story for another time). The most valuable lesson I've learnt on writing copy is that less is more. How to Write Tight, elaborates on this lesson beautifully. If you're interested in improving your writing online, it's well worth a read.

Captionr was the name off the app. I learnt a LOT on this journey. Taken in 2018. 


There's a film on Amazon Prime called The Mauritanian. I loved it. It follows the journey of a detainee at Guantanamo Bay detention centre and is hauntingly transparent. It's an important film with great acting. Tahar Rahim is outstanding as the Mauritanian.

This week's blog.

On my end, I've been trying to maintain structure during lockdown. A critical part of that is nailing my night routine. I get so much value from taking time at night to wind down. This is my process:

Want to Sleep Better and Get More Done?

Have a great week.

As mentioned above, I've OD'd on covid information lately so this week I'm going news-free. My best mate doesn't watch the news and he's one happy motheflipper. Maybe there's something in that? Want to try it with me?

Thanks for sharing your Monday Morning Coffee with me - always the most important coffee of the week. You can see what I'm up to on Instagram and don't be a stranger! Chat soon, Nick.

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