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Money is an inside job.

3 simple steps to start attracting wealth.
Money is an inside job.

3 simple steps to start attracting wealth.

After my dating article, let’s have a crack at the other most polarising topic on the planet — money.

This has been a tad uncomfortable to write. Money is the elephant in the room that we’re too polite to talk about yet steers every major decision we make.

And that’s part of the problem. A lot of people’s money habits get inherited from their parents and remain on auto-pilot until they die. Mine were. And I realised that was blocking my ability to receive it.

I embarked on a journey to re-write my money story. My apartment soon became stacked with books like The Psychology of Money and Millionaire Fastlane. It looked desperate to visiting guests but I didn’t care - I was on a mission to re-shape my money mindset.

In this article, 3 valuable lessons I learnt during that process. These are mindset shifts you can make today to attract more of the good stuff.

Make money your mate 👯‍♀️

We all attach emotional baggage to money. Some people think it’s great, others think it’s the root of all evil. And it’s usually our childhood experiences which shape that. Those early money stories sit on our subconcious and impact financial decisions today.

I was raised by a single Mum on a tight budget. Money conversations were common and I’ve had to untangle some early limiting beliefs. It’s important to become aware of the emotions you associate with money.

Do you avoid conversations about money? Do you think rich people are gross? Do bills in the mail make your tummy tighten up?

Here’s the thing. Our money is a reflection of our thoughts, feelings and emotions about money. So if you’re fearful of it, you’ll repel it. And if you love it, you’ll receive it. It’s that simple.

So how can you turn this around and become mates with your money?

Ken Honda, author of Happy Money, believes it all begins with gratitude:

It doesn’t matter how much you have or make. It is your feelings about money that determines your wealth. Instead of believing there is never enough, you begin thinking: I have all that I need, and I am so grateful for it all. Even when money leaves you, you can say it again: grateful for how the money served you — Ken Honda

Money is energy. Do what you can to increase its flow. When you love your money, you’ll enjoy when it flows out as much as it flows in.

You might not have your desired amount yet, but now that money is your mate, you can make responsible decisions from a place of abundance instead of fear

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Play your own game 🎮

We live in an endless pursuit of more. Higher salary, another iPhone, more things. We compare ourselves to others and gauge success based on outward appearances.

Have you stopped for a moment to consider what you’re actually working towards?

In his book, The Pyschology of Money, Morgan Housel highlights the difference between being rich and wealthy.

Rich is a current income. Someone driving a $100,000 car is almost certainly rich. But wealth is hidden. It’s income not spent. Wealth is financial assets that haven’t yet been converted into stuff you can see — Morgan Housel

Wealth is the compounding portfolio in the background. It’s not sexy but it unlocks financial freedom earlier in life. Being rich reduces your wealth. It’s sacrificing future freedom for material goods in the present.

Understanding this distinction helped me craft my unique definition of success. I would much rather maximise my savings, build wealth and retire early than spend big on a new BMW.

Once you get specific about what you’re working towards, you can ditch the endless pursuit of more. You’re playing your own game now, so stop comparing yourself to the dude in the Ferrari.

Once you become clear on why you want money, you may realise that you need less than you thought.

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Access your true value 🙏🏼

The older and (slightly) wiser I get, the more I realise that our external life is a reflection of our internal world. And money is an excellent example.

We unconsciously match our bank account to what we think we’re worth.

In Illusion of Money, Kyle Cease writes that we’re dependent on external validation, like income, to determine our value. We become trapped in a cycle, where we receive what we think we’re worth and we think we’re worth what we receive 🔁

It’s time to stop letting your bank account determine your worth. Instead, focus on raising your intrinsic value:

“Raising your value is about moving in a direction that is different and more expansive than what you did yesterday. It’s about letting go of the things that reinforce your old small vision of what you are worth. It’s doing the things that grow you and kill the old story of your limited past. It’s spending your time in a way that brings you closer to yourself instead of farther away.” — Kyle Cease, Illusion of Money.

The amount of money in your life is a reflection of the amount of value you’re giving the world. So start attracting money instead of chasing it.

Choose moments to increase your worth. Select a book instead of Netflix. Invest in a performance coach. Or go for a run instead of smashing another almond croissant, even though they’re so damn delicious. When we raise our internal value, the external world will begin to match it.

Spend your moments wisely because time is limited and your creative potential is not.

“You have an unlimited potential for making money and a limited amount of time on this planet. If you’re spending your time as if it’s infinite and you see money as something that is scarce, you’re doing it backward.”- Kyle Cease.
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What are your favourite money mindset tips? I’d love to hear from you below.