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Finally Conquer Procrastination.

This simple mantra has changed my life.
Finally Conquer Procrastination.

While sipping margs over the holidays, thinking about how to approach this year, I came across 3 simple words that hit different; Mood Follows Action. This is the mantra of Rich Roll, host of The Rich Roll Podcast, and it’s the perfect phrase to remember in 2022.

Mood Follows Action is simply about using physical movement to change our mental state. Rich Roll put it nicely; “If I’m down in a rut, I force myself to move my body, even if only a little bit. This helps shift my perspective and reset my operating system - and more often than not, the sun starts shining again”.

How does it work?

Mood Follows Action succinctly describes how physical movement releases feel-good neurotransmitters like dopamine, endorphins and serotonin to boost our mood. But the mantra goes well beyond exercise. I apply it do different moments throughout my day to trigger change and stay productive.

Read on to discover 3 different moments Mood Follows Action will improve your day.

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1) Your Launch Sequence

You’ve just woken up and have two choices. You could grab your phone, scroll social media and begin your day with a unhealthy dose of cortisol. Or you could spring out of bed, pour a big glass of water and stretch for 10 minutes.

The first option creates bad moods and means that we’re 85% more likely to speak rudely to our partner (unconfirmed). The second option will help us wake more peacefully, alert and set a solid foundation for a productive day.

You can see how the action we take during our waking state can dramatically impact our morning.

Our launch sequence becomes a habit. So when you wake up tomorrow, remember that Mood Follows Action to spring out of bed and kickstart your morning routine.

2) Finally Conquer Procrastination

I'm generally productive but when it's time for important work, I'm an expert procrastinator.

I'm not talking about "busy work" like e-mails, I'm talking about the important project - the writing or filming which will step me towards my goals. Have you noticed how our most important work is always the hardest to start?

Getting started is like diving into a swimming pool. Once we're in, we're swimming around and it feels gooood. Especially if it's warm and the sun's out.

The secret is committing to 5 minutes. Just 5 minutes. And I guarantee that once you start, you'll begin enjoying it and wonder why it was so hard getting started in the first place. Another example of how Mood Follows Action.

3) Wake up in a great mood

Great days begin the night before. So, an hour before sleep I’ll put my phone in the next room. It’s well known that scrolling releases stress-chemicals like cortisol which, in addition to the blue-light exposure, will disrupt our natural sleep cycle. Going analogue helps me wind down.

After this, I’ll read for half an hour. I find this is the best time to squeeze in my reading. And done consistently, 30 minutes a day adds up.

Now the best part, journalling. I’ll write down what went well that day and what needs to be done tomorrow. Most importantly, I’ll write down what I’m grateful for and what I’m going to achieve in the future.

After taking these actions, I fall asleep quickly with a smile on my face. Not only will I wake up in a better mood but I'll harness the power of my subconscious to steer towards my goals.

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Come at me '22.

Mood Follows Action is your new secret weapon against resistance.

Remember those three words next time you’re struggling to get out of bed or start your project. They’re adaptable, powerful and can get you out of sticky spots.

The only thing certain about 2022 is that we’re gonna feel flat at points. Mood Follows Action is your reminder that once you start moving you’ll feel better.

Have you set an interesting intention this year? I'd love to hear from you in the comments below 🤘🏼☺️