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New blog. Hi!

A little about me and what you can expect from my content.
New blog. Hi!

Welcome to my brand spankin' new blog.

My name's Nick Slater, I'm an actor and writer living in sunny Australia.

So how did I become interested in this writing thing and why should you read it?

I quit my full-time job 5 years ago after landing a role on a US Network TV series. It was my first taste of working overseas and I loved it. I was meeting new people, seeing the world and doing what I love. As so happens sometimes though, the universe had other plans for me and the network decided not to renew the series. I soon found myself in the oversized pool of unemployed actors living in LA.  Around the same time I was going through a breakup so after the highest of highs I was hitting rock bottom with a tremendous amount of anxiety and a dwindling savings account.  I knew that to stay afloat, I urgently needed to tend to my mental health.

This is when I leaned into mindfulness and journalling. I became fascinated by habits and what it takes to perform at the highest level.  I entered the wonderful world of self improvement which helped me navigate the uncertainty of an acting career and design a fulfilling life.

What can you expect from my content?

I want this blog to have a positive impact on your day.

A key part of managing my mindset has been filtering news and content that drains my energy. We’ve all been on the receiving end of an Instagram account that makes us feel less than. I want to steer against that problem. Because at its best, the internet can be an incredible source of inspiration and learning. I’m determined to make my blog that.

I deliver useful content and offer little wins around mindset, mindfulness and mental health that you can use throughout your day.

If you have any questions please reach out through Instagram or Twitter. I love hearing from you and feel like we’re creating a rad little community.

Here's where you can find me on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.

Let’s continue to aim for the highest good. Thanks for subscribing. ✌🏽