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Who are you becoming?

How to live like the future is happening.
Who are you becoming?

I was in an audition room when I first experienced the power of visualisation. I just listened to a meditation by Ziva’s Emily Fletcher which encouraged me to imagine the approaching appointment in vivid detail. Emily instructed me to picture a flawless performance, where I owned the space and felt appreciation from the producers and casting assistants within it. She said to visualise walking out of that room carrying a tremendous sense of accomplishment, pride and a smile on my face because I just booked the job.

I didn’t book the job.

But I auditioned well because I was so bloody comfortable. It felt like the hard part was done and all I had to do was show up. When we visualise “winning” an event, we prepare our mind and body for success.

We can take this a step further and use visualisation to step towards a better future.

In his world-renowned books, Neuroscientist Dr Joe Dispenza explains that our present reality is a combination of how we think and how we feel.

Dispenza argues that when people’s thoughts and emotions are anchored in the past, they’ll continue to recreate those same experiences day in and day out. Their life is on loop and eventually they’ll land in a rut.

When that happens, we can break the cycle by aligning our thoughts and emotions to focus on a new and improved future.

Think of your thoughts and emotions as your frequency. And when you consistently align your frequency to that of your desired future, that future will come and find you. In other words, you have to really feel that whatever you want is your reality now.

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re probably right. — Henry Ford
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In practice 🙏🏼

The best time to raise your frequency is right before sleep and when we first wake up. This is when our brain slips into alpha state, which is the ideal time to get under the hood of our subconscious. Much of our mental function is steered by our subconscious so we need to get it on board with this rad future we want to create.

The thing is, our subconscious communicates best through emotion. And while it’s smart, it can’t actually differentiate between a real experience and an imagined one. So by vividly rehearsing our future, and letting emotion wash over us, our subconscious will believe it’s real and start acting in alignment with that future.

I like to raise my frequency right before bed and again in the morning. I’ll write down details about my dreams and ambitions and sometimes even describe how a day looks in my future reality. My energy rises and I fall asleep with a smile on my dial. My thoughts and emotions are now aligned and my subconscious gets to work.

You have a choice - you’re either defined by a vision of the future, or you’re defined by the memories of the past.” — Dr. Joe Dispenza

Meditation is another way to get under the hood of your awareness. By sitting still for twenty minutes and allowing your mind to calm the heck down, you can begin visualising a day in your future reality. Again, you access the subconscious through those sweet alpha brainwaves. This is the perfect way to escape a stressful day and steer towards greener pastures.

Obviously after preparing your mindset you will need to follow through with action and take all the necessary steps to achieve your goals. But now you have a secret weapon — your mind (conscious) and body (subconscious) are working together. Like in my audition, the hard bit was already done, now you just have to show up and take action.

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Final Thoughts

When we have the same input, we’ll get the same output.

When you wake up everyday and stress out about the same problems or allow the same limiting beliefs to hold you back, your reality will play on loop. To create a new one, you have to start thinking and feeling differently. And this is the best part. This is how we become our highest self.

What is it in your heart that you want to do? What personality traits do you wish to acquire? What impact do you want to have on the world?

Before you sleep tonight, as a little thought experiment, write down your dream day. Think about how you’d like to interact with people, where you’re living and what you’re working on. Allow yourself to go there and feel it.

When our thoughts and emotions are working together, we have immense power to change our reality.

The secret is to live as if the dream is happening.

So… who are you becoming?

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