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You don't need to love your job.

You don't need to love your job.

We've all heard the quote, "Do What You Love and You'll Never Work a Day In Your Life".

I have a problem with that.

See, even if you're one of the lucky few to love with your job, there will still be days where it's the last thing you feel like doing. And love is unreliable. What happens when your love of working out wavers after 2 years of personal training at 5am? What will drive you then? "Loving what you do" is a shaky foundation to build success.  We can't rely on love.

Your drive needs to come from something greater. Something that sits above your wavering interests. Something that will continue to motivate you as you move between different jobs and industries.

This is where PASSION comes into play.

In his book Millionaire Fastlane, M. J. DeMarco describes passion as something greater for you or your family. A.k.a our 'why' or purpose. It's an end goal. Passion is permanent and "It's different for everybody, but when you find it, you will do anything for it".

Passion is a better motivational fuel than love. You can tap into passion when your love of teaching is going through a rough patch. Once you identify your passion, it will become your guiding light and pull you out of bed on the darkest days.

My passion?  

My passion is simply to create to an abundant and healthy lifestyle with my future family.

It's a powerful driver. And enough to get me out of my own way. When I'm flat on energy, I'll tap into my passion, visualise my future self and get going.

Passion isn't reckless like "do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life". It's not suggesting that you quit your 9-5 and follow your dreams. What I love about passion is that can motivate you to work effectively in the dullest jobs. As DeMarco says, "passion erases the suffering of work".

Now here's the best part.

I know I was negative on love earlier but we can actually have both. Once you are working with passion, you're more likely to enjoy your job because you're seeing past the 5am starts and framing 'the grind' as progress towards your end game. And on those days where passion converges with love, we're simply unstoppable.

So how do you identify your passion?

Well, allow yourself to think big. Is financial freedom the goal? Is being around to watch your children grow up important to you? Imagine a future which fills your heart with excitement. It should feel ambitious. That's your passion.

If you're struggling for motivation, try moving from love to passion. Write it down and read it when you first wake up. Align your frequency for the day with your 'why' and use every moment to propel you towards your end game. Passion is now your fuel for success.

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